At Prezzo, we are dedicated to crafting culinary perfection down to "Every Inch" of your dining experience and our commitment to pizza perfection can be seen in our new and improved menu.  

From our delicious toppings to mouth-watering fluffy pinsa pizza base, each item on our new and improved menu reflects our passion for quality and authenticity. Bring the whole family and join us on a flavourful journey as we celebrate Italian dining, one delicious bite at a time.  

We view dining as an art form, with all meals crafted with care and close attention to detail. From hand-stretched dough to a finishing touch of fresh basil, every step in culinary creation is taken with precision to guarantee a memorable dining experience. Whether you are in the mood for timeless classics like pizza and calzones or are feeling adventurous and interested in tasting an authentic pinsa, our dedication to quality pizza and Italian dining ensures you satisfy your tastebuds.  

Join us and indulge in the culinary delights of our new menu. Reserve your table now. 

Introducing Pinsa

You are now able to immerse your taste buds in the ancient flavours of Rome. Crafted in the Roman-style tradition, our pinsa boasts a uniquely fluffy and cloud-like texture, with its delicate blend of flours.

Topped with an array of carefully selected ingredients, each slice offers a harmonious blend of carefully curated flavours. Our pinsa’s distinctive rectangle shape pays homage to its past while providing a modern twist on a beloved classic, inviting you to savour the essence of Italy with every bite.

Meet the pizzetta

Looking for something lighter than the usual? Embark on a journey of flavour with our pizzetta, a culinary delight that satisfies despite its petite size. Perfect for solo indulgence or for sharing as a tantalising starter.

From the crisp crust to the rich toppings, our pizzettas are perfectly crafted to deliver a burst of flavour that tantalises. From classic Margherita to a selection of adventurous toppings, our pizzetta options promise to satisfy your culinary cravings.

Classic Calzone

Experience the essence of Italy with our calzone, a meticulously crafted masterpiece that embodies the rich flavours of Italian cuisine.

Bursting with a blend of savoury ingredients, each bite is a flavourful delight surrounded by a warm, golden crust. From the indulgent mozzarella to the meats and fresh vegetables, every ingredient is thoughtfully selected to create the perfect Italian culinary experience.

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Our perfect inches


Goat's cheese & roasted peppers


Gorgonzola & prosciutto




Mushroom, burrata & truffle


Tre gusti

Pizza Twist

When you’re working with pizza all day, curiosity can strike. 

What would happen if we took our beautiful hand-stretched pizza dough, filled it with mozzarella, bechamel and black pepper, then baked it until golden? You’d get our new Pizza Twist, which comes served with your choice of dip.

Look for our new Pizza Twist in the starter section of our menu – and book today to try it.